A 60 day loan online up to PLN 8,000

The repayment period of an online loan is, in addition to its sum and all fees and commissions associated with it, the most important factor that affects the availability and attractiveness of a payday loan. For this reason, in the offer of Quick Cash you can find not only traditional payday money for 30 days.

Our experience has shown that a longer repayment time is usually much more beneficial for the client. In this way, as a few on the non-banking loan market, we have introduced an offer that includes loans for 60 days. The loan offer with such a long repayment period brings with it a number of advantages and benefits, which we will describe in detail in a moment!

Loans for 30-60 days – to choose, for color!

Loans for 30-60 days - to choose, for color!

The main advantage of our fast loans is convenient access to cash and a wide range of choice. A loan for 30-60 days is a perfect example here. If necessary, we can choose a typical short-term loan of up to 30 days. Most importantly, it can be repaid after just one day, which is not possible in any loan company.

Thus, loans for 30 days can include any repayment period within thirty days. In the case of a loan over the internet for 60 days, the case looks a bit different. Deciding on this type of time, we can not pay her for example after 45 days. Moments on-line for 60 days from Skylan Cash can be repaid only on day 60 from the moment it is obtained, or if we decide so when taking a loan from 60 to 65 days.

It is also worth remembering that using our services for the first time, a very attractive loan for 30 days for free is waiting for new customers. Do 60 day loans also include this extremely beneficial promotion?

You can also get a free 60-day loan!

You can also get a free 60-day loan!

From the beginning of our existence, we are a company open to development and we try to overcome barriers, and not create them artificially. For this reason, each new client has the opportunity to take our payday for 60 days for free, and even for its maximum time, which in the case of our loan company is as high as 65 days. In this way, you can get up to 6,000 zlotys, which we will have to pay back only after two months, without paying any pennies or commissions!

We assume that since we have a 30 day free loan with us, why should there not be a free loan for 60 days. Especially that a payday with such a long repayment period is beneficial for clients in many aspects! What?

What gives an extended loan time of 60 days?

What gives an extended loan time of 60 days?

In a world full of stress and endless spending, payday loans online for 60 days are one of the most convenient solutions. Using an online loan is often the proverbial help desk that helps us get out of financial trouble. Although it happens that it is simply a way to finance some bargain purchases. However, it does not change the fact that after a specified period, the loan should be returned. And the surprising truth is that the longer the time of returning the loan, the better it is for us.

Online loan for 60 days. Longer time to give – longer joy of using

Online loan for 60 days. Longer time to give - longer joy of using

Firstly, a loan over the internet for 60 days in the case of people with a regular source of income may include two wages in their time period. Thanks to this, it will be easier for us to accumulate the sum to be returned. And this is associated not only with less strain on the home budget, but also with the peace of mind. In this way, we also minimize the possibility of experiencing problems with online payday payments.

And this is not the only benefit that a loan of 60 days brings. Not everyone can know that despite seemingly higher interest rates and commissions, payday loans for 60 days are in effect much cheaper than traditional short-term loans for 30 days.

Momentum for 60 days – it will simply pay off

Momentum for 60 days - it will simply pay off

It may be surprising, but these are the facts. Short-term loans are characterized by a high APRC, ie a real annual interest rate, which affects the high total costs of the payday loan. The longer the repayment period, the lower the APR. And the loan for 60 days perfectly illustrates this relationship, where an additional month in which we can use the borrowed funds and we do not have to pay them back quickly, in terms of total costs is several times cheaper than the first month! The numbers do not lie, see for yourself!

The given examples include an offer from outside the first loan promotion for free.

  • A 30 day loan for PLN 6,000: the amount to be refunded PLN 7696,20, including the commission: PLN 1647.00, interest rate – PLN 49.20, APRC – total loan cost 1968% ;
  • A 60 day loan for PLN 6,000: the amount to be refunded – PLN 7893.00, including the commission – PLN 1794.60, interest rate – PLN 98.40 and APRC – total loan cost of 430% ;

As you can see, APY loans for 60 days is 430 percent, while RRSO loans for 30 days – 1968 percent. The difference is therefore enormous, and the advantage of an additional month of lending is even greater!

How to get a refund for 60 days in Quick Cash?

How to get a refund for 60 days in Quick Cash?

And in this case, we are faithful to the principles of equality, therefore, 60 day money-offs are available to all customers of Quick Cash, including new ones, which is worth keeping in mind, because it is not a standard among other loan companies that drastically limit new clients or maximum amount of the loan they can get, or minimize the repayment period to a maximum of 30 days.

We have an online loan for 60 days available to everyone. On the other hand, regular customers can count on an even higher loan amount of not PLN 6,000 and as much as PLN 8,000. It should be borne in mind here that we simply value solid and solid customers, which is why we also make our offer more attractive to them so that they are aware of how important they are to us.

As regards the formal issue, requesting a refund for 60 days does not differ from applying for a loan for 30 days. The whole process runs just as quickly, with a minimum of formalities. You must be an adult Polish citizen and have a private bank account, ID, e-mail and mobile phone.

Take quick cash and give away without stress even after 2 months!

Take quick cash and give away without stress even after 2 months!

The offer, which includes payday loans online for 60 days, is not only an attractive loan offer, but above all is the first step in changing the approach to payday loans as such. Short-term loans thus become a completely new financial product, extremely competitive, convenient and most importantly safe.

In the case of Quick Cash, you can also add that it is instant in implementation, because the money will be with us not only for longer, but will be on our account faster than we think. It is worth to check it out on your own example. Just choose a loan for 60 days and take advantage of all the benefits it brings. What is important, in our offer is the first loan for 60 days for free! Check, then, how it is when you can really enjoy the money!

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