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MyLoan is a new non-bank loan from PLN 1,000 to PLN 11,000 with repayment of the loan in weekly installments.

Probably most of you had the opportunity to get acquainted with the offer of this company, through ads displayed on some TV stations. MyLoan is a new company on the domestic loan market, registered in Warsaw under the name MyLoan.

In addition to this information, it is very difficult to find out something specific about the company, because we do not find on their site or any rules of services, or even FAQs that can often be found on most similar websites of loan companies. I will not mention the fact that I have not found even basic information about the company’s operations on the website. There is a richly described relationship with a charity event, which undoubtedly is to show the company in a bright light as a proven loan company. I remember my time very similar activities in the performance of a Pomeranian company, which ultimately did not turn out to be as honest as it might have seemed. Well, I hope that with MyLoan it will be different and soon we will learn more about them, in what you can traditionally help me by posting a comment under the following article.

MyLoan payday loans up to PLN 11,000

MyLoan loans up to PLN 11,000

The company makes it possible to borrow from 1000 to even PLN 11,000 with the possibility of paying back the payday loan in installments.. weeks. I thought that the times of this type of loans are already behind us, and it turns out that there are still companies that want to make such loans. A weekly installment could indicate that MyLoan belongs to companies that grant home loans, and therefore those in which the loan is repaid at the customer’s home, and each installment is received by the company’s employee every week. Is it really, I have not been able to determine it yet. In any case, no matter what amount you decide to use, we will have the option to repay 17, 25, 45 or 52 weeks.

Formalities related to obtaining a loan – as I managed to determine the first step is to submit a payday loan application via the Internet. If we pass the verification process positively and the company gave us a loan, a contract will be prepared which will be delivered to us by courier to the address of residence. However, I have not been able to find out if you can read the agreement beforehand. Most loan companies that use courier sending a contract send it also electronically. Thanks to this, a person who signs such a contract will have the opportunity to get acquainted with it earlier or can also consult its content with another person.

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A 60 day loan online up to PLN 8,000 http://www.federacioadopcio.org/a-60-day-loan-online-up-to-pln-8000/ http://www.federacioadopcio.org/a-60-day-loan-online-up-to-pln-8000/#respond Mon, 15 Apr 2019 14:33:28 +0000 http://www.federacioadopcio.org/a-60-day-loan-online-up-to-pln-8000/

The repayment period of an online loan is, in addition to its sum and all fees and commissions associated with it, the most important factor that affects the availability and attractiveness of a payday loan. For this reason, in the offer of Quick Cash you can find not only traditional payday money for 30 days.

Our experience has shown that a longer repayment time is usually much more beneficial for the client. In this way, as a few on the non-banking loan market, we have introduced an offer that includes loans for 60 days. The loan offer with such a long repayment period brings with it a number of advantages and benefits, which we will describe in detail in a moment!

Loans for 30-60 days – to choose, for color!

Loans for 30-60 days - to choose, for color!

The main advantage of our fast loans is convenient access to cash and a wide range of choice. A loan for 30-60 days is a perfect example here. If necessary, we can choose a typical short-term loan of up to 30 days. Most importantly, it can be repaid after just one day, which is not possible in any loan company.

Thus, loans for 30 days can include any repayment period within thirty days. In the case of a loan over the internet for 60 days, the case looks a bit different. Deciding on this type of time, we can not pay her for example after 45 days. Moments on-line for 60 days from Skylan Cash can be repaid only on day 60 from the moment it is obtained, or if we decide so when taking a loan from 60 to 65 days.

It is also worth remembering that using our services for the first time, a very attractive loan for 30 days for free is waiting for new customers. Do 60 day loans also include this extremely beneficial promotion?

You can also get a free 60-day loan!

You can also get a free 60-day loan!

From the beginning of our existence, we are a company open to development and we try to overcome barriers, and not create them artificially. For this reason, each new client has the opportunity to take our payday for 60 days for free, and even for its maximum time, which in the case of our loan company is as high as 65 days. In this way, you can get up to 6,000 zlotys, which we will have to pay back only after two months, without paying any pennies or commissions!

We assume that since we have a 30 day free loan with us, why should there not be a free loan for 60 days. Especially that a payday with such a long repayment period is beneficial for clients in many aspects! What?

What gives an extended loan time of 60 days?

What gives an extended loan time of 60 days?

In a world full of stress and endless spending, payday loans online for 60 days are one of the most convenient solutions. Using an online loan is often the proverbial help desk that helps us get out of financial trouble. Although it happens that it is simply a way to finance some bargain purchases. However, it does not change the fact that after a specified period, the loan should be returned. And the surprising truth is that the longer the time of returning the loan, the better it is for us.

Online loan for 60 days. Longer time to give – longer joy of using

Online loan for 60 days. Longer time to give - longer joy of using

Firstly, a loan over the internet for 60 days in the case of people with a regular source of income may include two wages in their time period. Thanks to this, it will be easier for us to accumulate the sum to be returned. And this is associated not only with less strain on the home budget, but also with the peace of mind. In this way, we also minimize the possibility of experiencing problems with online payday payments.

And this is not the only benefit that a loan of 60 days brings. Not everyone can know that despite seemingly higher interest rates and commissions, payday loans for 60 days are in effect much cheaper than traditional short-term loans for 30 days.

Momentum for 60 days – it will simply pay off

Momentum for 60 days - it will simply pay off

It may be surprising, but these are the facts. Short-term loans are characterized by a high APRC, ie a real annual interest rate, which affects the high total costs of the payday loan. The longer the repayment period, the lower the APR. And the loan for 60 days perfectly illustrates this relationship, where an additional month in which we can use the borrowed funds and we do not have to pay them back quickly, in terms of total costs is several times cheaper than the first month! The numbers do not lie, see for yourself!

The given examples include an offer from outside the first loan promotion for free.

  • A 30 day loan for PLN 6,000: the amount to be refunded PLN 7696,20, including the commission: PLN 1647.00, interest rate – PLN 49.20, APRC – total loan cost 1968% ;
  • A 60 day loan for PLN 6,000: the amount to be refunded – PLN 7893.00, including the commission – PLN 1794.60, interest rate – PLN 98.40 and APRC – total loan cost of 430% ;

As you can see, APY loans for 60 days is 430 percent, while RRSO loans for 30 days – 1968 percent. The difference is therefore enormous, and the advantage of an additional month of lending is even greater!

How to get a refund for 60 days in Quick Cash?

How to get a refund for 60 days in Quick Cash?

And in this case, we are faithful to the principles of equality, therefore, 60 day money-offs are available to all customers of Quick Cash, including new ones, which is worth keeping in mind, because it is not a standard among other loan companies that drastically limit new clients or maximum amount of the loan they can get, or minimize the repayment period to a maximum of 30 days.

We have an online loan for 60 days available to everyone. On the other hand, regular customers can count on an even higher loan amount of not PLN 6,000 and as much as PLN 8,000. It should be borne in mind here that we simply value solid and solid customers, which is why we also make our offer more attractive to them so that they are aware of how important they are to us.

As regards the formal issue, requesting a refund for 60 days does not differ from applying for a loan for 30 days. The whole process runs just as quickly, with a minimum of formalities. You must be an adult Polish citizen and have a private bank account, ID, e-mail and mobile phone.

Take quick cash and give away without stress even after 2 months!

Take quick cash and give away without stress even after 2 months!

The offer, which includes payday loans online for 60 days, is not only an attractive loan offer, but above all is the first step in changing the approach to payday loans as such. Short-term loans thus become a completely new financial product, extremely competitive, convenient and most importantly safe.

In the case of Quick Cash, you can also add that it is instant in implementation, because the money will be with us not only for longer, but will be on our account faster than we think. It is worth to check it out on your own example. Just choose a loan for 60 days and take advantage of all the benefits it brings. What is important, in our offer is the first loan for 60 days for free! Check, then, how it is when you can really enjoy the money!

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What are Personal Loans? http://www.federacioadopcio.org/what-are-personal-loans/ http://www.federacioadopcio.org/what-are-personal-loans/#respond Wed, 03 Apr 2019 14:44:45 +0000 http://www.federacioadopcio.org/what-are-personal-loans/

Personal loans

Personal loans

Personal loans are unsecured loans that people can use for various purposes, such as paying tax bills, school tuition, or doing car repair. Many banks and other lenders offer personal loans to people with good credit records that can prove their ability to repay them. This type of loan is often cited as a useful tool for debt consolidation, for people who have multiple claims that are difficult to handle. By using a single loan to pay off the debt, people can consolidate their debt into one monthly payment, and they can also achieve a lower interest rate, which is a clear advantage. Debt consolidation also tends to increase one’s credit rating.

There are two types of personal loans.

There are two types of personal loans.

A closed loan is a one time loan of a fixed amount, with a fixed rate and repayment schedule. This type of loan often has a payback period of one to two years, depending on the amount borrowed, and borrowers may choose to make additional payments to pay off the loan faster. For one-off expenses, a closed loan can be very useful.

A personal line of credit operates like other credit lines, with a set limit, and a swivel balance. People can use personal credit lines in a variety of ways and repay them in their spare time. Personal credit lines offer more flexibility than personal loans, but if people don’t manage them responsibly, they can become a problematic debt.

Usually, personal loans are unsecured, which means that borrowers do not need to back their loans with assets such as their homes. For people who have limited assets, the unsecured nature of a personal loan can be an attractive feature, because it means they can access money that would otherwise be out of reach. Because they are simple but personal loans tend to have a slightly higher interest rate that reflects the increased risk to the lender.

As with any loan, it pays to shop around for a personal loan, rather than taking a loan from the first lender offering one. In the case of a closed-end loan, potential borrowers should ask about loan origination fees and the interest rate, and they should determine whether the interest rate is fixed, how much the monthly payments will be, and how long it will take to repay the loan.. Personal credit line offers should be evaluated to determine if interest rates are favorable and how high that limit will be.


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Payday Loan – Choose Between Down Payment, Advance or Loan http://www.federacioadopcio.org/payday-loan-choose-between-down-payment-advance-or-loan/ http://www.federacioadopcio.org/payday-loan-choose-between-down-payment-advance-or-loan/#respond Fri, 15 Feb 2019 15:27:57 +0000 http://www.federacioadopcio.org/payday-loan-choose-between-down-payment-advance-or-loan/


The Payday loan

The Payday loan

The payday loan granted by an employer to one of his employees falls within the same legislative framework as the payday advance and must be exceptional. The repayment terms are the same, namely that the employee can not repay a payment exceeding one tenth of his monthly salary.

On the other hand, it is granted outside the conventional framework of the employment contract, which means that the employer can claim the remaining amount in case of departure of the employee of the company.

Finally, be aware that the loan granted by the employer can not be granted with interest. So it’s 0% credit.

You do not have to give proof when you apply for a loan to your employer. It must be the subject of a private contract, that is to say between the company and the employee if it exceeds a certain amount set by decree.

Namely : the employer who does not want to take risks can quite ask for financial information to his employee to avoid a situation of overindebtedness. In no case is it obliged to provide these elements. However, the company may then refuse to grant the loan.

In addition, it meets the same tax rules as the loan between individuals. Thus, if the amount exceeds 760 euros, the employer must declare before 15 February of the current year the amount loaned to taxes.

The deposit

Applying for a loan from your employer does not necessarily mean getting into debt. By claiming an advance payment from his company, the employee only receives his due.

What the law says

What the law says

It is the Labor Code that specifies how pay must be paid and your employer is bound to respect it. Your remuneration must be paid at least monthly (with some exceptions). The company therefore pays the employee a shift in the work performed.

Example : As of March 15, you have already worked 2 weeks, but you will not receive the corresponding salary until the end of the month. This is why the legislator makes mandatory the payment of the deposit (not to be confused with the payday advance which is similar to a Payday loan).

The advantages of such a solution

The advantages of such a solution

If the financial difficulties are limited in amount and duration, the principle of the down payment remains, for many reasons the most practical solution. First, it avoids resorting to a consumer credit which ultimately is always more expensive.

Then, he avoids the formalism that surrounds the subscription of a loan. Finally, it can avoid feeding the “credit reflex” which, often, involves a risk for the most fragile households. Whichever solution you consider, we advise you to avoid permanent credits that prove to be the most dangerous.

How to ask an employer for a deposit?

How to ask an employer for a deposit?

The Labor Code imposes no particular formality. However, it is customary (and certainly faster) to speak to your chief of staff (or directly to your boss if you are in a small company).

But whatever your relationship with your company is, it is best to ask for the deposit in writing and hand in your request.

The maximum amount of the deposit you can claim can not exceed the fraction of remuneration corresponding to the work already done.

Encrypted example : you make your request on the 20th of the month. Your net salary is 1800 €. You can collect a deposit of: (1800 X 30) / 20 = 1200 €

You can therefore ask 1200 € by anticipation on your salary since you have already done the work corresponding to this sum.

Namely : if a portion of your salary is based on commissions or variable bonuses, the down payment must be granted on the most accurate estimate of remunerations affectively acquired regularly.

The payment is made in the same way as the salary, that is to say by bank transfer or check.

Important : the amount paid is net of social charges. These will be deducted from the end-of-month salary.

Payday advance

Payday advance

Unlike the down payment, the payday advance is the payment of a fraction of the salary corresponding to work not yet done. Clearly, you ask to receive a salary before having started the work for which you are paid.

Unlike the down payment, the Labor Code imposes nothing on the employer. This one is read to accept or refuse to give you advance. The legislator has simply provided the terms of repayment if agreed by your employer.

  • Know the difference between a loan and a payday advance.

Terms of repayment of the advance

Terms of repayment of the advance

If your employer makes a payday advance, he must respect the reimbursement rules set out in the Labor Code, namely that the monthly repayment of the advance can not exceed 10% of your monthly salary.

It equates to a Payday loan. As a result, it is not subject to social security contributions when the employee reimburses by his own means.

Important : in case of departure, the company is entitled to claim the outstanding capital.

As you understand, the payday advance is not an employee’s right and you will not be able to do anything if your employer refuses to grant it.

Case of a real estate project

Case of a real estate project

If you are preparing a real estate project, it is best to check if you can get an employer loan. This is an enhanced loan for borrowers working in companies with more than 10 employees.

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Student loan online – up to PLN 8,000 | Payday Loan http://www.federacioadopcio.org/student-loan-online-up-to-pln-8000-payday-loan/ http://www.federacioadopcio.org/student-loan-online-up-to-pln-8000-payday-loan/#respond Wed, 13 Feb 2019 15:13:24 +0000 http://www.federacioadopcio.org/student-loan-online-up-to-pln-8000-payday-loan/

Are you a student and you need express cash? With Quick Cash you can feel safe in financial matters – we do not leave students on ice! The offer includes payday loans for students via the Internet, enabling you to get a quick injection of the cash you need. And all this without complicated and time-consuming formalities – quickly and conveniently. In this way, your head can calmly focus on learning, not on the care of sudden expenses, which in the student’s life is not lacking!

Momentum for students – everyone has the right to financial support!

Momentum for students - everyone has the right to financial support!

The idea of ​​quick online loans includes the basic right to be able to obtain instant financial support by all adult persons. There is no place for inequality here, as evidenced by a loan for a student without a job, who can not always take up normal paid employment. Full-time studies make it almost impossible to engage in any additional work, which unfortunately is also hindered by the non-trade Sundays introduced in 2019, which previously gave the opportunity to daily students for weekend earnings.

Sometimes the obstacle may be the threat of losing a social scholarship to study for students or other financial support – which may take place in the case of a student undertaking a job. Anyway, his main duty is learning, which does not change the fact that he also sometimes needs a quick cash injection. Fortunately, you can count on loans for online students offered by the Fast Cash platform!

What’s the moment for a student?


It has become established in the society’s consciousness that science in Poland is free. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true. Of course, universities and academies offer free lectures and classes on a daily basis, but books and other accessories and materials are no longer free, and by the way are usually quite expensive to buy. In addition, if we study in another city, there is a fee for a dormitory, flat or flat, plus the food and money needed for public transport. And these are not all expenses incurred by the student. Together, a fairly large sum is gathered here.

And despite the support of the family or various types of scholarships, there may be sudden situations when the student needs financial help. A broken laptop during the examination session or other major expenses before the date of the scholarship’s influence can always happen. Students can not count on help from their colleagues. It is good to have an alternative to such crisis cases, which is a moment for an online student.

A student loan without income – what do you need to do to get it?

A student loan without income - what do you need to do to get it?

If you are a student without income and need an express loan for a student, all you need to do is visit the Fast Cash website and:

  • you choose the amount of the loan
  • you will select the period for which you want to take it
  • you fill out the registration form
  • you verify your bank account

In this simple way, each student can quickly and without any formalities apply for up to PLN 6,000 payday for students with a repayment period of up to 65 days. For regular customers, the loan amount is even higher and amounts to PLN 8,000. A student can also get it!

What do you need to get a good day for students online?

What do you need to get a good day for students online?

Thanks to modern technologies, to obtain a loan for online students, all you need is access to the Internet and a computer, smartphone or tablet that will allow you to submit a loan application online. As well as ID, bank account number, e-mail address and contact telephone number. No certificates or scans of the ID card are needed. All necessary information can be found in the registration form. A bank account verification is an additional means of authentication.

However, the registration can be accelerated and facilitated. This is possible if you have a personal Facebook account. Skylan Creditme focuses on modern technologies, which makes it possible to register to its system via Facebook. Importantly, such a method of registration not only increases the chance of a positive consideration of the loan application, but accelerates the entire verification process. Thus, the loan for a student will be much faster in his account – even in 15 minutes!

Loans for students from Skylan Creditme – it will pay off – a scientifically proven fact!

Loans for students from Skylan Creditme - it will pay off - a scientifically proven fact!

A quick loan for a student on offer from Skylan Creditme is an extremely beneficial solution. First of all, the first minute is given at 0 percent and without commission, that is for free! And in the case of regular customers, we provide a lot of additional bonuses in the form of:

  • every fifth loan free
  • profitable loyalty program (PLN 40 discount for the next one)
  • wide contact channel (e-mail, telephone, skype)
  • loans by SMS
  • phone loans

In this way, you can only gain – and comfort and cash! A momentum for students is therefore an offer that gives you the freedom to plan your student’s budget and repair any possible holes. Everyone can count on us, the more one who learns to be better in the future. Do you study and need cash? We have it for you! Submit an application and take it!

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