Payday Loans up to PLN 11,000


MyLoan is a new non-bank loan from PLN 1,000 to PLN 11,000 with repayment of the loan in weekly installments.

Probably most of you had the opportunity to get acquainted with the offer of this company, through ads displayed on some TV stations. MyLoan is a new company on the domestic loan market, registered in Warsaw under the name MyLoan.

In addition to this information, it is very difficult to find out something specific about the company, because we do not find on their site or any rules of services, or even FAQs that can often be found on most similar websites of loan companies. I will not mention the fact that I have not found even basic information about the company’s operations on the website. There is a richly described relationship with a charity event, which undoubtedly is to show the company in a bright light as a proven loan company. I remember my time very similar activities in the performance of a Pomeranian company, which ultimately did not turn out to be as honest as it might have seemed. Well, I hope that with MyLoan it will be different and soon we will learn more about them, in what you can traditionally help me by posting a comment under the following article.

MyLoan payday loans up to PLN 11,000

MyLoan loans up to PLN 11,000

The company makes it possible to borrow from 1000 to even PLN 11,000 with the possibility of paying back the payday loan in installments.. weeks. I thought that the times of this type of loans are already behind us, and it turns out that there are still companies that want to make such loans. A weekly installment could indicate that MyLoan belongs to companies that grant home loans, and therefore those in which the loan is repaid at the customer’s home, and each installment is received by the company’s employee every week. Is it really, I have not been able to determine it yet. In any case, no matter what amount you decide to use, we will have the option to repay 17, 25, 45 or 52 weeks.

Formalities related to obtaining a loan – as I managed to determine the first step is to submit a payday loan application via the Internet. If we pass the verification process positively and the company gave us a loan, a contract will be prepared which will be delivered to us by courier to the address of residence. However, I have not been able to find out if you can read the agreement beforehand. Most loan companies that use courier sending a contract send it also electronically. Thanks to this, a person who signs such a contract will have the opportunity to get acquainted with it earlier or can also consult its content with another person.

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